MWWellness Diagnostic Test Health Care CenterAnd detoxification

ศูนย์ดูแลสุขภาพ และล้างพิษครบวงจร Diagnostic Test Health Care CenterAnd detoxification

MWWellness Diagnostic Test Electrical Wave Examination for Each Cell Deformation Mwwellness Health Care CenterAnd detoxification

Diagnostic Test

Diagnostic Test

Electrical energy detection To find abnormalities of each cell

Is a test that tells the performance of various systems Can analyze both hormones The process of metabolism and excretion makes it possible to analyze the risk of disease. This technology is an overall health analysis of patients. Which the tool will release the electricity That is not harmful to the body through the electrical conductor or electrode by the machine will capture the heart beat And measure the concentration of the oxygen in the blood through the monitor called Probe that is clamped at the left hand point And the machine will evaluate the electrical conductivity in various parts of the body 22 parts

By being able to detect

  • The deterioration of various organsThrough the operation of workWhether the blood vessel and heart, respiratory system, gastrointestinal, nervous system, reproductive systemEndocrine hormone systemAnd free radical accumulation
  • Analyze the risk of various diseases
  • Analyze the divide and pH Balance in the body.
  • Electrolyte analysis in the body
  • Analyze hormones in the body
  • Analyze the metabolic process and excretion.
  • Introduce foods that should be avoidedAnd food that should be added

Who can check??

Can be examined from infants, children and pregnant womenThis tool does not use radiation power.Nuclear magnetic energy or other harmful energyTherefore, it is suitable for all the ages that want to know the possibility of self-health.


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