MWWellness โซดาสปา (Zoda Spa) ล้างเคมีและสารพิษตกค้าง

ศูนย์ดูแลสุขภาพ และล้างพิษครบวงจร โซดาสปา (Zoda Spa) ล้างเคมีและสารพิษตกค้าง

MWWellness Zoda spa นวัตกรรมและกระบวนการฟื้นฟูช่วยบำรุงเส้นผมและหนังศีรษะ ให้คุณมีสุขภาพผมที่แข็งแรง ล้างสารพิษที่เป็นโลหะหนัก ขับสารเคมีตกค้าง และเสริมเกราะป้องกันให้เส้นผมเมื่อต้องเจอมลพิษและฝุ่น PM 2.5 รวมถึงลดความเสี่ยงต่อการเกิดโรคมะเร็งในระยะยาว

Zoda Spa

Zoda Spa

Stimulate blood circulation on the scalpAnd driving from hair dyeing

Innovation and restoration process that helpsChemical washAnd helps you with healthy hairReduce fallReduce gray hairSee the difference from the first time to receive the service.Ready to restore beautyEliminate chemical allergies from hair dyeingAnd reduce the risk of cancer in the long term with 3 steps

Step 1

Massage stimulates the blood circulation during the neck, flow and scalp to stimulate the circulatory system.And oxygen to feed the scalpMore to stimulate the toxicity along with hair nourishment and scalp with Herbal Hair Oil. Special recipes that have a mixture of natural extracts.

  • Ginger Oil Solves the problem of hair lossStimulate the rebirth of the hair
  • Coconut oil and Jojoba Oil coated and nourished hairWith hair protection from pollution and sunlight
  • Clover Oil (Clover Oil) sterilized on hair and scalp
  • Bergamot Oil helps to eliminate dandruff.Nourish the scalpAnd reduce hair loss
  • Sesame Oil is rich in vitamin E.Enhance the strength to the hair
  • Clove Oil combines natural nourishment.With coconut oil, sesame oil and helps nourish meSesame oil that is rich in vitamin EMakes me strong

Step 2

Chemical wash pool from dyeing harmful hairAnd driving heavy metals by vowing with SODA with PPM that is suitable for hairWhich can eliminate chemicals and heavy metals on hair and scalp

Step 3

Latest steam technologyWhich is used as a collaboration between boiling water, microwave waves, high pressure sprayersCauses steam with small molecules, leaving only 0.26 NM, the normal gap between the flakes, the hair will have a small 1 NM steam width.Can pass through the hair scalesGently do not hurt meAnd also bringing the nourishment into the hair effectively


Zoda SPA center stimulates the blood circulation on the scalp to stimulate.The work of the hair root is strong.And how to poison the hair dye?

With good health care and safe. The Zoda Spa center has gathered the official science.Doctors and restoration processes that will help you with healthy hair.Reduce falling symptoms, reduce gray hair and driving chemicals from hair dyes with the following methods.

  • Massage stimulates the blood circulation during the neck, flow and scalp for the blood vessels expand.And bring more oxygen to feed the scalpTo reduce hair lossRelieve gray hair and help stimulate the creation of new hair rootsWhich is the problem of the cause(When continuous)
  • Open the pores of the scalp for the toxicity from hair dyes effectively.
  • Chemical wash pool from harmful hair dyeAnd driving heavy metals by vowing with SODA with PPM that is suitable for hairWhich can eliminate chemicals and heavy metals in the hair and scalps sinceThe first timeAnd purely when done continuously
  • Restores the brightness of the hair with dyes from natural herbs that are screened that are not harmful orWith residue to the body
  • Restoring health, hair, scalp and circulatory system, neck and head, back to be good, as before
  • Eliminate allergies from hair styling with chemicals.And reduce the risk of cancer in the long term
Who is suitable for Zoda Spa?
  • General employees who have regular stress problems that cause blood to circulateThe scalp is not normal until the hair loss and gray hair.
  • Those who passed hair dye with chemicals for a long time and often
  • Elderly with hair loss problems and gray hair
  • Those who want to avoid the risk of cancer
  • Those who want to dye hair safely without any residue
Time to see results
  • Chemical wash pool And heavy metals from the hair can see results from the first time to receive services
  • Vascular circulation system on the neck, neck, shoulder better from the first time to receive the service
  • Colorful, beautiful, bright, safe since the first time.
  • Reduce hair lossReduce gray hairStimulate the hair roots to be strong and strengthenNew hair germination process when continuous service

Your health will be better.Safe from the risk of cancerProbably youthful and builtGood personality enhancement by a hassle-free way with Zoda Spa, restoring and eliminating hair and leather problems.Head from the cause

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