MWWellness Liver Detox

ศูนย์ดูแลสุขภาพ และล้างพิษครบวงจร Liver Detox

MWWellness Liver Detox



Liver Detox: The key duty of the liver is

• Helps the process of absorbing the nutrients of the intestine.

• Balance control of blood carbohydrate protein in the blood

• Destroy old red blood cells

• It is a source of protein production which is necessary in the solidation process.

• Breaking Down and Metabolite Alcohol Including various drugs

• Is a major protein production source (Essential Protein) and Cholesterol

• Eliminate the toxins of the bodyThrough the circulatory system and drive out Bilirubin, Ammonia and others

• Is the salt storage source, vitamin A, iron


Liver detoxification process

1 Meet a doctor to evaluate and prepare for liver detoxification. (This step will reduce complications after liver detoxification.If health is ready)

2, pick up the liver detoxification 2 days 3 nights

3. Receive vitamins, nourishing the liver and maintain other body.

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