MWWellness Chelation (Chelation), toxins and heavy metals in the bloodRestoring the body

ศูนย์ดูแลสุขภาพ และล้างพิษครบวงจร Chelation (Chelation), toxins and heavy metals in the bloodRestoring the body

MWWellness Chelation (Chelation), toxins and heavy metals in the body and blood vesselsHelps prevent vascular inflammationStimulate blood circulationThrough giving salt water with amino acids called EDTA mixed with vitamins and mineralsTo capture heavy metal substances and drive out the urine


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ล้างพิษด้วย Chelation

Eliminating toxins and heavy metals in the blood (Chelation) / Colon Detox / Liver detoxification (Liver Detox) / Eliminate toxins and heavy metals in the blood (Chelation)

Chelation is the elimination of body waste, especially heavy metals. Which uses non-toxic chemicals To the body through various processes That doctors recommend to use as appropriate, for example, through eating (DMSA) through the butt tuck And through the use of passenger blood salt water Used is an amino acid that EDTA mixes with vitamins and minerals which EDTA will serve important to catch heavy metals such as lead, mercury, arsenic or even excess calcium. Which accumulates in tissues and poultry According to our vascular wall By removing these heavy metals in the urine Time to Let each salt water will be around 1.5-2 hours, which can be relaxed by watching movies. Listen to music or read books

How to detoxify with chelation?

Our world is full of pollution, both in the air, water and aroma, which we can get heavy metals. Inevitably through daily use And these heavy metals will interrupt the process of the cell division which will result in the work of various organs In the body is inferior Decline Of the organs quickly Therefore, detoxification with the Chelation system is to restore the work of the organs at the cell level, helping to return to work more efficiently. Reduce the risk of disease in the future

ล้างพิษด้วย Chelation

The result you can get after detoxification with chelation.

  • Get rid of the coresics of calcium in atherosclerosis and heavy metals.
  • Eliminate toxins in the body and blood vessels
  • Reduce the risk of blood clots and narrow stenosis. Which is the cause of high pressure and heart ischemic disease
  • Prevent various degenerative diseasesFrom a bad circulatory system
  • Reduce the risk of cancer

Who is suitable for detoxification with Chelation?

  • Those who have made vein balloonsInsert the vehicle bypass. Because it may cause clogging
  • People with weak bodyDefectible blood system
  • Those with high blood pressure problems
  • Those in the environment that is at risk of accumulation of toxins and heavy metals
  • Those who are at risk of hypertension, such as those who smoke, drink tea, hal alcohol, and those who are stressed regularly.

Detoxification with Chelation, in addition to being the treatment of symptoms mentioned above, is also a cupping disease caused by blood circulation and cancer, which this detoxification process can be easily done, but requires a period of time to adjust the body.The most toxic and driving conditions are the investment that is worthwhile for good health.


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