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MWWellness liveBlood


Live Blood

การตรวจ Live Blood

Live Blood is an analysis of various components. Of blood while still alive High technology through the Dark Filed Microscope makes it possible to analyze the trends in various diseases. Both the digestive system Various toxins That should drive from the blood stream, blood circulation, immune system and allergic conditions of the body Which will penetrate the pen which uses blood droplets Only one drop can only know the results.


Can detect

  • Search for heavy metal substances that accumulate in the body
  • Find allergies
  • Know the quality of the digestive system
  • Search for antioxidants in the blood cells
  • Residual fat in the circulatory system
  • Search for bacteria and parasites
  • Digestive systemAnd food absorption
  • Blood circulation system

Those who can receive Live Blood


Live Blood is a blood test that uses a short time.Use less bloodTherefore suitable for peopleEvery ages that you want to know the integrity of the body and the people we love.For planning inCorrect health care

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