MWWellness About Us Mwwellness Health Care CenterAnd detoxification

ศูนย์ดูแลสุขภาพ และล้างพิษครบวงจร About Us Mwwellness Health Care CenterAnd detoxification

MWWellness Mwwellness Health Care CenterAnd detoxification

About us


MW Wellness Health Center

MW Wellness Health Center Extending from the Medical Technology ClinicMannature Lab at Ban Phra NatureWhich was founded to find a solution for people who want to maintain protection healthAnd solve the cause more than the treatment at the end of the symptoms

The idea that this is the extension from the health examination to adjust the behavior of eating and being in order to prevent illness without the use of drugs. Or the idea that even sick, then will receive advice on eating and living new to relieve all the diseases that are at that time But we found that there are many people, even knowing the information, still unable to adjust the behavior Or even in the process of adjusting behavior, it cannot be followed by the disease itself. Therefore, in addition to medical examination information To adjust the behavior This health center is therefore beginning from a comprehensive detoxification. And medical integrity Including modern technology That focuses on the benefits of the highest patients Under the concept of reducing and relying on the use of drugs

Integrative Medical Center

Real Integrative Medicine Center

By rehabilitation planAnd promote personal health (TAILOR-MADE HEALTH ManAGEMENT)

By a medical team and professional expertsTo promote healthBalance the body to work at the best level (Optimum Health)

MW Wellness, the health center is not big, but how to think about the anniversary and uniqueFocus on health problems analysisUse modern technologyCombining the integrated multi-science together to be perfectUnder the supervision of medical nurses and specialized expertsDo not focus on drug useCare closely in the family atmosphere

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