MWWellness Ozone Therapy Health Care CenterAnd detoxification

ศูนย์ดูแลสุขภาพ และล้างพิษครบวงจร Ozone Therapy Health Care CenterAnd detoxification

MWWellness Ozone Therapy Health Care CenterAnd detoxification

Ozone Therapy


Ozone therapy (Ozone Therapy) was discovered by German chemists named Christian Frederick Schonbein. In the year 1840, the first is the use of ozone sterilization. And clean the operating room As well as disinfection in drinking water Later, it was applied to treat allergic patients. By pulling the blood of the patient out about 80 cc, then put the ozone to the blood and then injected back to the hip muscle (Auto Vaccine) found that the treatment was good Therefore is the source of the current ozone therapy Which has a lot of branching methods in bringing ozone into the body for treatment

Ozone therapy principles

Ozone therapy takes advantage of the unstable characteristics of the ozone. Which consists of 3 oxygen molecules by ozone generator to convert pure oxygen Which consists of 2 oxygen molecules from the origin to become ozone When ozone molecules are mixed with blood from the body therapy And the ozone molecules are broken into 2 parts:

1. O2 (pure oxygen) which helps increase energy for cells

2. O (Singlet Oxygen) or single atomic oxygenUnstableThe solo molecular oxygen will run to catch with different molecules.In tissues and blood streamsOxidative Reaction

การบำบัดด้วย Ozone Therapy

Benefits in the treatment of oxidation reactions

1. Has the effect of eliminating non-oxygen microorganisms, including some viruses and bacteriaHepatitis and hepatitisWith ozone, so can be used to treat diseases caused by microorganisms in such groups, such as colds, shingles

2. Drive to detoxify the bodyBy helping to change toxins and waste as inertiaAnd was driven by liver and kidney without harm

Singlet oxygen or oxygen solo soloCan also catch the protein at the cell wall of the virusAnd bacteria that float in the blood streamAttracting white blood cells to eliminate germs effectively

Ozone Therapy

Ozone Therapy treatment process

1 Stimulate the creation of white blood cells to be sufficient for protecting the body.

2 Increase the efficiency of skin bite of white blood cellsFrom the gamma level, fianon increased by 400-900%

3 Stimulate the secretion of Interlugin from Limpho SiteIncrease the efficiency of germ elimination

4, increase the flexibility of white blood cells and red blood cellsThus causing blood cells

Can move through the small capillaries has increased. Useful in treatmentChronic wounds from diabetes and pressure ulcers

5 Increase energy production in MitecondriaHelps relieve fatigue and increase exercise fitness in athletes.

6 Stimulate the creation of enzymes that help antioxidants in the body.(Super Oxide, Dis Meet, Catalase and Glutathione, Oxides)


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