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Stimulate blood circulation throughout the body with proper bone structure

Many times the body of our people occur. The illness is repeated due to the circulation.Inefficient bloodWhich the main reason is due to the muscles in various parts, tension and tightness, causing the blood to not circulate to feed cells and repair various partsEffectively

And do you know that part of the muscle tension and lineIs that the nerves caused by the arrangement of the bone structure that is inappropriate?

The structure of the bone is not caused by?

The SKELETAL SYSTEM is a system that consists of bones, cartilage and bone welding.Each bone or each item is connected by the welding of the bone area. Which will help the bones elastic and make various partsOf the body moving easilyGood blood circulationBut in many people, there is an inappropriate bone structure that comes from many reasons.

  • May be caused by using various objectsIn daily, inappropriate, such as walking, standing, sleeping with an incorrect gesture for a long time by
  • เฉพาะผู้ที่ทำงานนั่งโต๊ะนานๆ
  • Used to suffer severe accidents at the bone levelCausing the bone structure
  • Forced bone bearing for a long timeWhich will be found frequently in overweight or fat
  • Those who exercise are too heavyOr those who lack exercise for a long time, causing some weightThe part became the burden of the bone directly.
  • The elderly that the strength of the bones and the muscles began to exhaust
How to propagate the bone structure to help stimulate the blood circulation in the body?

Bone or chiropractic structure is a science that has been thousands of years, with the discovery in China and Greece, America began to be used. Approximately 1890 years, 2000 has been accepted in 55 states and has been reported to performance.Of chiropractic therapy

"Flute - KositWutkulphanich "is one of the experts in the bone structure of Thailand, which has serious experience and study from science in a variety of countries for more than 20 years to participate in bone arrangementWhich his expertise resulted in those who receive treatment and arrangeMany bones are improved in a short time.(According to the symptoms)

By the structure of the bone of "Flute Doctor" will begin to check the bone system.Body or diagnose the cause of various symptomsThat happened firstBecause it will be treated at the point where the cause


The result of the bone structure, in addition to helping the circulatory system better, also helps to fix in the matter of

  • Back pain, neck painDue to being too long working
  • Headache and migraine
  • Pain according to various versesSoft arm muscle
  • Allergy symptoms
  • Balance the body's operating system
  • In addition, there is also a self-treatment suggestion for returning to illness.


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